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Who don't wanna sex Mutombo?

With all the fragile big men in this series, who guessed it would be timeless Dikembe that falls?

The Pacific Northwest is infamous for its rainy seasons, but if you felt rain drops in Portland last night, they may have come from the eyes of a giant. On Tuesday, Houston’s Dikembe Mutombo tearfully said goodbye to his playing days.

He went down jostling for position in the post, just like he had a million times over his eighteen-year career. His leg tangled with that of Greg Oden and something gave out. It could have been either of them, and given Oden’s unfortunate health, one might have predicted it be him. Instead, it was Dikembe, falling for the last time.

“Nobody ever thought they’d be carrying the big guy out like a wounded soldier,” he said. I’m not sure that is true. Dikembe, like most players with more than a healthy supply of passion and heart, could not have left basketball any other way. They had to carry him out just to get him to leave the party.

It seems fitting that Oden was present at Dikembe’s Last Stand. Much has been unreasonably stated about Greg’s potential. He will not be the next Shaq or Kareem or Hakeem, or even Yao. If health and luck permit, he could find himself the second coming of Mutombo. This is no small praise of Greg’s abilities. After Bill Russell, Deke was the greatest defensive center of all-time.

Physiologically-speaking, it never hurt that Dikembe Mutombo was seven feet and two inches tall, with an even wider wingspan. But beyond that, he had an innate gift for tracking the ball quickest. When a shot clanged off the rim, he wasn’t just the highest in the air, he was the first. He didn’t just block a shot on length, he timed it. His patented finger wag was not just a symbol he had bested your body, but your mind.

For the better part of a decade, he was unmatched as a game-changing defender. He was also unmatched as the League’s most lovable large. Perhaps it is Greg Oden’s turn to be both. Their legs and destinies tangled last night, and the Fates decided there could be only one. The last of the old guard has fallen and the new era is fully upon us. Anyone else feel old?

Who doesn't wanna sex Mutombo?

Who wanna sex Mutombo?

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