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Uhhh... No comment.

On ESPN, stat-ass John Hollinger has a piece up about the overrated and underrated in the NBA.  He counts Joe Dumars among the overrated, writing the following:

Let’s look ourselves in the mirror, fellow media members: We’ve all given the guy a free pass because of his amazing run to six straight conference finals and blithely ignored the fact that he’s screwed up a hundred ways from Tuesday since he decided to whack Flip Saunders after the 2008 conference finals.

Check out the résumé and find me a correct decision. Just one. Fire Saunders? Wrong. Hire Michael Curry? Wrong. Trade Chauncey Billups? Wrong. Extend Richard Hamilton? Wrong. Sign Kwame Brown? Wrong. Go after Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva? Wrong again.

In two years, the Pistons have gone from one of the best teams in basketball to among the worst. They stink, they’re capped out, and they don’t have much in the way of young talent; for all we know, in two years they’re going to be the Pittsburgh Pisces or the Seattle Grunge or something. If Isiah Thomas or Rob Babcock had done this, we’d have buried them alive by now, so it’s only fair for us to point out that regardless of his previous track record, Dumars is on a two-year losing streak of McHalian proportions.

Now John Hollinger is barely ever right about anything.  And his job is stupid.  He attempts to boil basketball down to pure numbers, ignoring the obvious-to-anyone-who-watches presence of the unquantifiable.  And he uses his statistics to come up with ludicrous claims just to annoy the shit out of me.  A couple seasons ago, he used a batch of cooked-up numbers to declare Reggie Evans the Greatest Rebounder Ever.  Reggie Evans. If you have statistics and a formula that leads you to the conclusion that Reggie Evans is the greatest rebounder ever, you throw that shit out and start over.  Numbers often lie.  Just ask Greg Oden’s penis.  However…

Anyone following the Pistons the last couple years would have a hard time disagreeing with any of Hollinger’s assertions in the piece.  They’re plain to see.  The last couple years have been a disaster for Dumars.  One wrong move after another.  And Hollinger doesn’t even mention Dumars’ terrible draft record: Darko Milicic, Rodney White, Mateen Cleaves, etc.

Due to his previous successes, I believe Joe Dumars deserves a chance to right the ship.  But given the downward trend of the team from bad to terrible and the looming possibility of new ownership, not to mention rumors he’s not getting along with the current owner, I wonder if Joe D. will even get that chance.

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Mateen Cleaves, your return is imminent.

Brokeass back! Y’all see Oden’s junk? I did and I haven’t stopped eating Fudgsicles since. No homo. Cause they remind me of big boy’s dick. I said no mu’fuckin’ homo! I wanna put it in my mouth. WHO YOU CALLIN’ HOMO?!

Dubbs! You said they’d be nice this time!

So what’s happening in the NBA? Let’s see, the Lakers and Kobe Bryant are the defending champs. Ben Wallace and Chucky Atkins play serious minutes for the Detroit Pistons. Allen Iverson is an All Star in Philly. And Grant Hill has missed one game in the last 130. Y2K called, it wants its basketball season back. As well as the term “Y2K.” Also, 1996 called about collecting all the “[insert year] called” jokes still in circulation. I said, “You mean, this is 1996 calling and you want your…” and the joke was snatched directly from my mouth.

My point? 1996 means business, y’all. And probably some yada yada about the more things change or some such. But mostly the 1996 part. That year is NOT to be fucked with.

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"Don't call me Sharon!"

"Don't call me Sharon!"

Some players, no matter how long they’ve been in school, always feel like fifth-year seniors. Christian Laettner. Mateen Cleaves. Every point guard in Duke history.

Kansas’ Sherron (pronounced: Sure-Ron) Collins is another one of those dudes. Truth is he’s only a junior and it was less than three years ago when he leaped (semi-literally) onto the scene as an under-6-footer out of Chicago with these kinda hops:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But KryptoNate has hops like that and we don’t give a fuck about KryptoNate (except when he’s getting in naked fistfights with Malik Allen in the shower). Like Nate was at Washington, Collins is a totally electric, stocky, undersized, college point… and looks less like a basketball player than the white kids on the team. Unlike Nate has ever been, Collins is passionate and likeable. He’s Khaled El Amin for the Post-9/11 era.

He received lower billing last year after Chalmers and Rush and Arthur and the gawky giant foreigner and that God-awful Rock Chalk Suck Fuck chant. Now it’s his team and he just carried the rebuilding-year Jayhawks to the Big 12 regular season championship.

He’s about to make up for all the press that eluded him last year. He and that prison rec team from Pitt who look like the second (or third…maybe fourth) coming of the Runnin’ Rebels as of late.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After spanking UConn like a bad child/masochistic adult for the second time this season they have become my favorite to ruin senior year for Tyler Hansbrough (lifelong sixth-year senior). And isn’t that what this year’s Tourney is all about?

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