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Old bones collide.

The Playoffs are here and the high-seeded Phoenix Suns are losing to a lower-seeded team.  Gee, what a surprise.

The 3rd seed Suns dropped their first game at home against the 6th seed Blazers who are missing their best player in Brandon Roy, not to mention Greg Oden, Joel Pryzbilla, Bill Walton and Jerome Kersey.

Why do I feel like I’ve seen this movie before?  The Suns have a great season and show up in the Playoffs only to have their asses handed to them by a team that plays defense.

And without the injured Robin Lopez, the Suns are small and soft.  Every time the broadcast cut to their bench, I kept wondering why assistant coaches Bill Cartwright and Dan Majerle didn’t just suit up and get in the game.  They’re both around the same age as Juwan Howard and Grant Hill, aren’t they?

Steve Nash is a great, Hall Of Fame player and he has had a fantastic, eye-opening season, but watching him play defense is like watching your grandparents fuck:  it’s disgusting, you worry someone’s going to get hurt, and you can’t help but feel like you could do it better.

Thank you… Goodnight!

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Mateen Cleaves, your return is imminent.

Brokeass back! Y’all see Oden’s junk? I did and I haven’t stopped eating Fudgsicles since. No homo. Cause they remind me of big boy’s dick. I said no mu’fuckin’ homo! I wanna put it in my mouth. WHO YOU CALLIN’ HOMO?!

Dubbs! You said they’d be nice this time!

So what’s happening in the NBA? Let’s see, the Lakers and Kobe Bryant are the defending champs. Ben Wallace and Chucky Atkins play serious minutes for the Detroit Pistons. Allen Iverson is an All Star in Philly. And Grant Hill has missed one game in the last 130. Y2K called, it wants its basketball season back. As well as the term “Y2K.” Also, 1996 called about collecting all the “[insert year] called” jokes still in circulation. I said, “You mean, this is 1996 calling and you want your…” and the joke was snatched directly from my mouth.

My point? 1996 means business, y’all. And probably some yada yada about the more things change or some such. But mostly the 1996 part. That year is NOT to be fucked with.

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What up, boo?  Straight mean-mugging it over here.

Straight mean-mugging it.

Sitting out for a year and just watching the league and watching how people do things, I think I became even more entrenched in the belief that how I did things was the right way. You become even more confident and more entrenched.” — Phillip ‘Flip’ Saunders.

Flip’s takin’ shots!

Guard your grill, Joe D! Duck, Sheed!

Hold your head, Michael Curry!

Flip continued: “I’m chillin’ at the crib off Lake Minnetonka, Keillor on the radio and ESPN2 on the LCD – no plasma burn-in, dudes – and I see Mike Curry coaching my squad, looking like caramel is gonna come oozing out his ears any second. This is who they 86-ed me for? Cuz he was in a locker-room once? Well it takes more than being on Grant Hill’s practice squad to get on my level. I got mad-complicated offensive schemes, son! My playbook is three-hundred pages long! Curry’s playbook is written in crayon on the back of a Denny’s menu. Ask Sheed if he’s happy now. Matter of fact, tell Sheed he don’t watch his ass, I’m a trade for him and have him running pick-and-pops with Gil Arenas all game – he ain’t never gonna see that ball. Tell him Etan got some poetry he wants to read him. I gotta go – Chauncey’s coming over later and we’re gonna laugh about shit.”

"I will have my revenge.  Sheed, are you listening to me?"

"I will have my revenge! Sheed, are you listening to me? Sheed?"

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