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Russell Westbrook, literally about to dunk in a dude's face.

Thing about Brokeass is, he’s a mu’fuckin’ renaissance man. Like Leonardo da Vinci or Danny Devito in that movie. He ain’t just a wordsmith, Kid’s got a multitude of skills, and just because he is me doesn’t mean he . . . I . . . .We . . . Damn, I’m starting to confuse myself.

Let’s stop this charade (or as I call it, Sherrod). I’ve been making basketball videos lately and I’m gonna keep making them and you’re gonna watch them and keep watching them every Friday at this very location until I tell you it’s alright to stop. Sounds like a decent plan? It’s at least better than Sacramento’s. Oh wait, my bad, I forgot they got Jarred Jeffries. Problems solved, Sacto.

Here’s the first of many Friday videos to come. It’s OKC’s Russell Westbrook faking not even a lick of the funk on some extremely nasty dunks. Let’s do this y’all! GET PUMPED!

Doesn’t that make you wanna go out and fight dudes? Do it! You have my permission! Videos By Brokeass y’all! Re-Tweet that shit!

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LB used this opportunity to give the photographer a few pointers on position and technique.

Once in a really great while someone says something about basketball better than Brokeass or Dubbs can. Once in a lifetime it’s Tyson Chandler. This is that rarest of moments. Ty-Ty wrote a very nice blog post articulating what it is that makes Larry Brown such an effective coach. Which means someone else probably wrote it for him. Maybe LB himself. Maybe it was Dubbs. No matter who penned the post, it really hits the nail on the head. Here are a few choice paragraphs.

Coach Brown has shown me the dedication every day that it takes to be great. It’s about understanding the passion and knowledge that you have to have to be great. The way he talks about the game is totally different from anybody I’ve ever heard talk about it.

The way he breaks things down, the way he looks at mechanics, the way he understands why guys are great scorers or great rebounders. Everything he does is from studying and that’s something I have learned from him.

For example, I’ll shoot a hook shot or a short jump shot and I’ll make it and he’ll come back and say, “Oh Tyson, come on, you have to get the ball in your fingertips.”

After he says something like that it feels uncomfortable. But then I’ll shoot it and miss it and he’ll say, “great shot.” Your first reaction is to say: “What are you talking about, great shot? I just missed that.”

But I’ve come to the realization that he understands that it doesn’t matter if you miss it that particular time. If you continue to shoot the ball the right way and you get to the point where you shoot the same way every single time, you’re going to make a higher percentage. It works out better than if you’re shooting half the time one-way and half the time another.

It’s just stuff like that that he’s a stickler on. He’s a stickler on you doing things the right way every single time.

Every player I’ve talked to that has ever played for him says: “You’re going to understand how great he is when you don’t have him.”

You said it, Ty-Chan. And it’s never going to happen again. Seriously, Dubbs, did you write this?!

"You're clapping wrong, Tyson!" - LB

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Mike Beasley thinks Twitter is super cool!

The Dembo is up on Twitter, young babies.  Like it’s 2007 up in this mug.  Peep the Twitter button over there on the sidebar.  And come on over.  Follow us on your iCock!

We’ll be posting – er, sorry, uh, tweeting (ugh) – about trades, scores, and dropping little tasty morsels of “humor” on  you sumbitches.  And we’re following as many NBA ballers on Twitter as we can.  So if you want to know what club Brook Lopez is hanging at, how Charlie Villanueva likes his eggs, or where Jamal Tinsley will be discharging his firearm this weekend, find ’em through us. Brokeass already interacted with Ron Artest!  Sort of!

And we misspelled a word in our very first Tweet.  We’re so Twitter!  That’s Soooo Raven!

Follow along as I hate myself more with each Twittle!

Gil Arenas loves Twitter too!

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