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Joe Johnson's shadow, I'm ready to come home.

"Joe Johnson's shadow, I'm ready to come home to you."

The violence we saw today will make me think real hard over my future in Europe.” – Olympiakos’ Josh Childress, following a riot during Game 1 of the Greek League Finals

You know how those Greeks love their basketball. Late in the fourth quarter, with home team Olympiakos down a single basket to archrival Panathinaikos, the game was halted for twenty minutes as riot police prevented irate fans from rushing the court and throwing miscellaneous objects at the visitor’s bench. One of those items was a flare. A FLARE! Someone threw fire at the rival team.

You’re probably wondering what caused the riot. I already told you, silly. Olympiakos was losing by two points. In Game 1. You can’t come back from a two-point deficit in Game 1. Play continued once order was restored, and Olympiakos went on to lose by…two points. See? The fans were right. You can’t come back from a deficit like that.

200 fans fought with police following the game. Meanwhile, during the fracas, Ron Artest signed a lifetime Greek League contract. Queensbridge reppin’ the Parthenon!

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After being punked by Chauncey, Kobe has nowhere to hide.

After being punked by Chauncey, Kobe has nowhere to hide.

From Tom Friend’s great ESPN piece about Chauncey:

Suddenly, he notices the defender guarding the inbounds pass has turned his back to him. So 18-year-old Chauncey throws the ball off the defender’s rear end, catches it, drop-steps and dunks with two hands. Chauncey has himself a bucket and an assist. The crowd snickers … except for his grandmother sitting in the 10th row… she always has told her grandson to tone it down, to respect his opponent, to play the game “the right way.”  So that’s why, after his dunk sends the Metro State College arena into a tizzy, Chauncey looks over to his grandmother and mouths: Sorry.”

Last night:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Chauncey’s got some more apologizing to do.

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Help is on the way, Pistons fans. According to ESPN’s Chad Ford in his first official Mock Draft, with their first round pick, Detroit will be selecting…Tayshaun Prince?

Chad Ford's Mock Draft - NBA - ESPN_1242784672225

Meet Austin Daye of Gonzaga. “He has a pure game but needs to get stronger and more assertive.” That’s Tayshaun! Still! After all these years! He even looks like a less freckly Tay Prince.

Don’t worry, with two picks in the second round there will be plenty of time to draft a short, beefy power forward. Jason Maxiell, we’ll find you a friend.

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