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Your failure can't hide behind Kwame forever.

Your failure can't hide behind Kwame forever.

Former Wizards coach Eddie Jordan wants to make it clear, in case there was any doubt: He is interested in the vacant head coaching position in Philly. Nevermind that the 76ers haven’t contacted him. He wants the job. He might be saying he wants it because he thinks it’s the right fit. He might be saying it to send the message to Sacto that they are his very last option. He might just need to get paid. It doesn’t matter. Philly will consider him because, and I don’t mean this as a compliment, there isn’t anyone better.

There are five head coaches in the NBA: Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich, Jerry Sloan, System Coach (that includes you, LB), and Everyone Else (that includes you, MC). The system coaches are those guys that can generate success if the right players are present to run their plays. Everyone else is everyone else. Eddie Jordan is somewhere between the latter two categories. He will not make a good team terrible any more than he will make it great. Philadelphia was a totally mediocre .500 team this season. Jordan should have no trouble keeping them exactly that good.

A year removed from the game, Jordan and countless other Flip Saunders are forgiven for their flaws and granted new assignments. The results are usually about the same as they were at the last location, down to the eventual firing. Coach of the Philadelphia 76ers today. 86ed by Philly tomorrow. This year we saw the unsuccessful returns of Terry Porter, Scott Skiles, PJ Carlesimo, and Rick Carlisle (he wasn’t any better than his predecessor either). Does Eddie Jordan know something I don’t know, or is he just a glutton for punishment?

Where are the next wave of heady players-turned-coaches? Is Nate McMillan it? After that, is Michael Curry as good as it gets? Until a few more pop up, Eddie Jordans will be granted reprieve every time another Jim O’Brien pulls a Maurice Cheeks. How bad is it? Someone even tried to lure Rick Pitino back!

Sloan, Pop, and Phil are all on their last coaching legs. When they are gone, will great coaching go with them? And if great coaching becomes a thing of the past, how long before head coaches are? Watching the way Chauncey boxes out George Karl during timeouts, I wonder if maybe the job is a figurehead position already.

The prevailing facial expression of mediocre coaches everywhere.

The prevailing facial expression of mediocre coaches everywhere.

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