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Kidd sits out with brain freeze. Dirk supports his guy.

"Start acting sick. When this series is over we'll tell everyone we had swine flu."

Face facts: Dallas is done. I felt like this series was over from the moment K-Mart shoved Dirk in Game 1. The other Mavs just stood around while their leader was maliciously body slammed. Jason Terry is the only one who got in anyone’s face over the assault. J-Kidd does his part, keeping a collected head so that others can vent a little frustration. The only problem is, there’s no one to calm or restrain. Back during the NCAA Tournament, we ran a video of Sparty ready to throw down after a similar slight to one of his dudes. HE’S A FUCKING MASCOT! No one on Dallas has as much heart as a dork in a cartoon Spartan costume. That mascot probably won’t even go pro!

Between the injured Josh Howard and the perfectly healthy Erick Dampier, the Mavs look as thin as Mark Cuban’s logic for trading Devin Harris. Yep, Little Buckaroo, it appears this Lonestar is down to its last twinkle. Dirk and JT were forced to do everything last night, and it wasn’t nearly enough. One of the deepest teams in the League has been reduced to a two-man operation. They’re like the Boston Celtics minus the pride.

It will take all the pride Dallas can muster if they hope to take any games from a Denver squad that has yet to be outscored in the final quarter. Teams that win the fourth are usually well-coached, and since we know this is NOT the case in Denver, much respect due to C-Billups. He brought with him a mantra of discipline and accountability and his teammates have adopted it. And when guys aren’t being disciplined or accountable, they always have Melo’s “Stop Snitching” motto to fall back on. So everything’s cool, baby. Nothing to see here.

The Nuggets are really having fun, so it doesn’t seem like work. The Mavs really have some work ahead of them, which doesn’t seem like fun. You’re dead, Dallas. You just don’t know it yet. Actually, it kind of seems like you do.

"Not now, George. I'm trying to coach my team."

"Not now, George. I'm trying to coach my team."

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