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The Tar Heels compete in "Hands on the Hardware" to see who gets to keep the trophy.

The Tar Heels compete in "Hands on a Hardware".

Congratulations to Josh Epstein, the winner of the First Non-Annual Fennis Dembo Tournament Pool (name pending) with the entry A Chang for Michael. Here is your prize: A bloggy tongue-lashing from me. How dare you enter my Tourney Challenge and embarrass me. Do I come on stage while your band is playing and rip meaner guitar solos than you? No, I don’t. Because it is wrong. And I don’t know how.I’m hurting right now, Josh Epstein. You hurt me.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. What am I talking about? It wasn’t fun at all! All Tourney long, everything I touched turned to shit. Michigan State was my last victim. The moment I start rooting for them they get trounced. I am sorry, Spartan fans. I promise to never root for MSU again. Don’t worry, it’s not that big a sacrifice.

Everything I touched, yo. Mid-game I tried switching my allegiance, hoping the jinx would follow. But jinx can’t be bamboozled. It knows your true desires and feeds on disappointment. Besides, it isn’t humanly possible to cheer for UNC without contracting permanent chicken pox. I won’t itch myself to death for any team. Well, maybe Manchester United, but you know how me and the lads go arse-over-tit for football. It’s the dog’s bollocks!

"You're a much better player than I was at your age."

MSU's 'Searching for Bobby Fischer moment': "You're a much better player than I was at your age."

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